Best Rehabilitation Paralysis Treatment Tips

Rehabilitation Paralysis Treatment Tips
Best Rehabilitation Paralysis Treatment Tips

Best Rehabilitation Paralysis Treatment Tips

Paralysis is a weakness or loss of muscle function. Loss of muscle function itself does not cause paralysis. Communication between muscles and brain disorders are caused by paralysis. So paralysis is actually some form of nerve damage. Depending on the cause, paralysis can affect the muscles or certain parts of the body.

Paralysis has been described as the most destructive damage that the body can sustain and still survive. Unfortunately, the direct damage and lasting only part of the problem. Physical, emotional and financial confronted with many dangers,

Wheelchairs If you or your loved ones suffer from a paralytic attack, then you probably know that this can be very frustrating prognosis. However, there is a way to make your loved ones more independent. This is the treatment and rehabilitation of paralyzed patients.

Treatment and Rehabilitation of Paralyzed Tips

The natural way to treat paralysis


Cayenne increased blood flow to the body, and as a result, paralysis limited a limited area of the facial nerve finally opened. Patients should be made of the color of the pitch and drink three times a day to improve blood flow. Conversely, they can also knead Cayenne into the affected area face for help. Pregnant women and patients with hypertension should consult a herbal face for facial paralysis.


This herb contains a compound called berberine that helps restore blood flow in blood vessels. The root of this herb should be maintained steamed and extracted with water. Then dipped in a clean cloth and squeezed it right. Using this cloth, patients need to warm the face as much as possible. If not, the roots must be mixed with the Cayenne is made of a paste, and then applied 3 times a day, the blood flow through muscle paralysis.


the herbal medicine contains anti-inflammatory steroid which provides significant benefits to the nerve-related diseases. Tea is very helpful for this disease because it can reduce inflammation and pain patients. Patients should use 2 copies of licorice root to 2 cups of water to prepare tea. This tea should be taken 3 times a day before you can relax.

ginger root

Ginger is considered a natural analgesic because it contains many anti-inflammatory properties. The patient should take 2 tablespoons ginger, 2 tablespoons of flax flour and 2 cups of boiling water. Then take this mixture with a little honey to get the best results. In contrast, patients can ginger paste and cover the affected area for 45 minutes to obtain a calming effect.


This is the very useful herbal remedy for Bell’s palsy because it is a source of calcium, amino acids, folic acid, fiber, and vitamins. Patients can extract juice from the plant and remove immediately to improve the muscles. Patients must use asparagus steamed in their daily diet to achieve better facial paralysis.

liver oil

Before eating, the patient can also use 1 tablespoon lemon flavored cod liver oil as a treatment of steroids and benefits.

Wheelchairs and walkers

A wheelchair is a help manual that can be manual or electric. There are several modified versions, such as folding wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, wheelchair lightweight chassis division, and other more advanced version.

There is now a new type of wheelchair (also available in India) which has a seat and measurement analysis system that captures the position of the seat and the back pressure distribution and contact area. Known as the “verification system” consistent sensor helps to reduce the “cradle” and reduce the incidence of ulceration and tissue degradation.

Another wheelchair-called “vertical seats”, people stand. This reduces the risk of wheelchairs pressure sores.

Pacers now have wheels. Pacers can help people walked not lift the Pacers. (Read: International Day of Persons with Disabilities: How our society is included and accessible?)

Prostheses and orthoses

Orthotics external support mechanisms, prevent, correct, and help parts of the body condition of the nervous order.

prostheses are devices that replace or extend the leg, foot, or parts of the body.

Researchers are working on functional muscle stimulation (FES) to achieve muscle contraction systematically, effectively paralyzing the limbs of the body, regain control of hand movements, and achieve greater independence in daily activities. Researchers at Northwestern University have developed a neural prosthesis by FES system, which is controlled by permanent microelectrodes implanted into the brain. They have been successfully tested in laboratory monkeys.

drug treatment and adjuvant treatment of paralysis

In most cases, spinal cord injury and paralysis leading to loss of normal bowel and bladder function. Thus, a catheter is used to discharge urine from the bladder. emptying the bowels, enemas and sometimes colostomy (intestinal surgery) is to help people paralyzed bowel emptying.

Since regular acetaminophen or ibuprofen paint is not effective in this kind of pain, pain caused by nerve damage is usually relieved with medications like amitriptyline or pregabalin.

The injury caused by cervical spinal cord injury is usually treated with invasive or invasive positive pressure ventilator.

For very stiff muscles (spasms) and muscle spasm out of control, the treatment involves the use of muscle relaxants like baclofen, tizanidine or talar azine. Sometimes, botulism is a local spasm.

A relatively new treatment for spastic paralysis treatment is the treatment of intrathecal baclofen (ITB), where the optimal dose baclofen pump delivered by a programmable implantable drug in the fluid that surrounds the spinal cord. Dr. Anirbandeep Banerjee Calcutta Apollo Hospital reported treatment success, and the team did not respond to other treatments for paralyzed patients was 63 years old.

When we try to take care of early, patients respond positively. Within two weeks of surgery, he was able to sleep, sit in a chair, without any support. “The rapid increase of patients is a real benefit to us,” he said.

With all this help and treatment, it becomes easier to manage and lead a lame quality. However, it is important to note that if a person can not move regularly as paralysis, pressure ulcers produced. Care must be taken to ensure that precautionary measures such as periodic replacement of the state or decompression devices are used. It is also important to work out and maintain your physical fitness. Your physiotherapist recommended practices and activities.

Paralysis and symptoms

Statistics show that one in 50 people in the world has been diagnosed with paralysis or another. Paralysis is caused by the following conditions


All paralyzed almost 30% were due to stroke. This type of stroke include paralysis

Hemiplegia or unilateral paralysis

hemiplegic patients, the physically weak or unable to move the body

Spasms, meaning, stiff or tense muscles

Dysphagia or dysphagia

foot fall or can not lift the foot before

Spinal cord injury

It is the second leading cause paralysis after a stroke. Injury can occur as a result of workplace accidents, motor vehicle accidents, sports accidents, falls, birth defects, victims of violence, natural disasters, and other reasons are known and unknown.

multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic disease of the central nervous system. Although MS does not always lead to paralysis, most MS-affected people need a wheelchair or crutches and other aids as fatigue, loss of muscle, or a muscle balance.

cerebral palsy

In simple terms, cerebral palsy is cerebral palsy. It is caused by abnormal development or damage to the movement part of the brain neurodegenerative diseases. As the name suggests, paralysis is characteristic of this disease.

polio syndrome

This is a condition that affects polio survivors. This syndrome can occur several years after the onset of polio. muscle weakness, fatigue, and paralysis is a common symptom of the syndrome. The reason is unknown, but experts believe that it is caused by a virus or a combination of both factors caused by fatigue or injury of nerve cells of the brain fatigue syndrome may occur.


This is a genetic disease that causes tumors to grow around nerves. If the nerve is damaged, it can be paralyzed. Often, tumors are benign, but they can become malignant and cause cancer.

traumatic brain injury

This is a brain injury, head suddenly punched the object, such as a motorcycle accident or attack victims lead to brain damage and lead to partial or permanent paralysis.

There are other reasons, but mainly because of the reasons above are the main reasons.


It might seem lame, no obvious signs of paralysis. Numbness, muscle weakness or muscle cramps can “feel” like paralysis, but in fact not the case. a complete loss of muscle function can only be interpreted as paralysis. Paralysis may affect one or both sides of the body, limbs or just limbs, sometimes the body is paralyzed, except for the eyes. Usually paralysis and some of these symptoms.

Consciousness is lost (probably short) or confused

Clumsy and numb

severe headache

hard to breath


Cognitive, write or talk tough

emotional or behavioral changes

Loss of bladder or bowel control

Loss of vision and/or hearing loss

Dizziness and vomiting


The first step in diagnosing palsy is a physical examination the doctor. Next, the doctor will talk about symptoms and family history. If the cause of paralysis is obvious, such as paralysis after a stroke, the diagnosis is not difficult. If the cause is not clear, then the doctor will conduct a special examination on a regular basis.

  • x-ray
  • CT scan (Computed Tomography)
  • MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan
  • EMG (usually used to diagnose Bell’s palsy)
  • If necessary, patients are referred to a neurologist.

Treatment and recovery from paralysis

You may ask – is it possible to recover from the paralysis? the answer is yes, yes and no. Researchers and medical professionals believe that some or a full recovery may be some kind of lame.

Whether it’s a stroke, spinal cord injury or polio, treatment and recovery techniques are the same. Treatment usually designed to restore brain connection.

For example, researchers in Southampton, UK, have developed wearable electronic devices to help stroke association to help restore arm and arm muscles by passing a small current to the nerves to help restore arm function. This method is called functional electrical stimulation.

FES has been used to restore the calf and leg paralyzed. In a study published in the journal, the electrical pulse stimulation paired with an exercise program that is supported for seven months, causing cuts paralyzed patients to recover significant foot control and allow them to stand for a while no outside help.

More tips:

  1. A) use social media. Blogs are important Twitter, Facebook and so is the new way to reconnect with friends and creating new features. Social media can access the required services/resources.
  2. B) associates with whom you, their experience will be inspired and have not yet learned. We are not alone and happy to see what others have done. Their success shows that we can win. Remember the movie “advantages”, Anthony Hopkins? Caught in the wilderness, just homemade spear, his face ferocious grizzly bears, survived. As he says in the film, “what can be done – one can do”!
  3. C) In order to meet your home, you should have a house works – even if it means moving or shrink in size. doors should be wide enough for a wheelchair. the bathroom must be installed correctly and completely. kitchen to be used by people on a chair – at least people with disabilities can achieve a good meal. Get tips on the mobile journal about life in a wheelchair.
  4. D) Provides Vehicle If possible, you must avoid the housing as much as possible, and you will get regular medical visits and transportation. It also provides a great sense of freedom that can drive where and when you want.
  5. E) The most important thing is to remember that you are the person responsible. You always have a choice: to find out what they are and to control them. To understand your options, research and reading is the key. You can do a lot of people to do something, just living and learning difficulties, or you may get a “table trick”, learn from others and share the profits and power for the benefit of everyone. You do not know that you do not know until you live with other people and/or try to cure it. The most important thing is to try to control your attitude toward injury – you are the person responsible, was not injured.

species: ischemic stroke

Thrombosis is dangerous because they can block the arteries and cut off blood flow, which is a process called ischemia. ischemic stroke can occur in two ways: embolization and thrombotic stroke


a blood clot formed elsewhere in the body (usually the heart) and flows through the blood to the brain. Once in the brain, blood clots will reach the bloodstream through small enough to stop it. Blood in there, clogging blood vessels and cause a stroke.

thrombotic stroke

In the second stroke of a blood clot, blood flow is impaired by blocking one or more of the arteries supplying blood to the brain. The process leading to the barrier is called thrombosis.

hemorrhagic stroke

cerebrovascular rupture or stroke caused by “plague” called a hemorrhagic stroke. (Source: National Stroke Association)

Treatment: Tissue plasminogen activator (TPA) or alteplase is a coagulant that dissolves blood clots that cause a stroke. The use of this drug has a narrow window of opportunity, so start to deliver better results, less cerebral hemorrhage is. You can also use aspirin or anticoagulants such as heparin. Recovery is also used to restore strength and use it to patients post-stroke lifestyle.

The new technique: blood transfusion device is a mechanical thrombectomy device that combines the ability to restore blood flow, the drug therapy, and got frozen in patients suffering from an acute ischemic stroke. It mechanically damaged and removed a blood clot. It has the best radial force that flows through all kinds of fabric to assist in the use of drug therapy for stable recanalization and removal of frozen optimal to achieve the best ratio of metal to tissue. It has been shown that for effective blood clotting in the blood vessels removed 2 to 5.5 mm in size.

The list of requirements to complete the trimming grass, dinner, dinner, exchange of coins to list family activities hospital and brought on 3 x 5 cards or a small notebook. People will come and say, what can I do to help? Take your list and give them something they can do.

Talk to a lawyer because you do not understand your rights under the law, the patient and/or family should talk with a lawyer: a personal injury lawyer. It will cost you a little, it may be more than you think. In the phone book, consult with a lawyer, the lawyer or lawyers accident, you will find many. First, a lawyer that you are interested to know if you are in “effective”. If they want the money to go to another place is special. Emergency means that unless you win in court, the lawyer will not get anything from you, no nickel. If you win, they typically get you 1/3 of peace, fair. As long as you consult with your own lawyer, did not sign any file solution in any situation. If not, you can get thousands of dollars rather than millions of qualifications. (Medical expenses paralyzed largely)

Please contact your bank and make a simple checking account. The title is the (patient’s name) relief fund. After that, you may want to set up your own Foundation’s tax-free, but now you have a direct financial needs. Has this account can get people to donate.

Write a summary of what happened to the page. Take the time to make it right, but it is clear and concise. Do not blame the fact that “Roger Reed was injured in college football and is now paralyzed from his shoulders.” Take time to read the excerpt some people and make recommendations. You will need a lot of time. Place in the bottom of the page: the need to donate, send a check to the name of the account settings.

Once you have this list, contact your local newspaper, ask the editor of the news, get stories about love and paralyze you. Tell him / her story (read the summary, if more convenient) to ask if you can send them a press release (again, your summary). They will say yes. I used to be a journalist, about 70% of the story unfolds from the outside. IMPORTANT: This article must provide the address of a bank account that can be donated. When the article came out, copy/copies of electronic files. This will help future.


Contact your local conference staff. (This is the leader of your district, not state law or state government representatives in California, which means that the address of the legislator or state lawmakers will be on the home page of your phone book and ask for health assistants to tell them that they will send their writing (hard copy is the best), asked whether there were plans national or state aid, for example, some states will create a ramp for wheelchairs for you or provide medical aid costs free house or low, but unless you request, otherwise it will not happen.

Create a binder labeled “Insurance”. Keep all communication workers. Do not accept the insurance agent when he said “no”. The immediate answer to tell them the answer is unacceptable, how you should appeal? Politely but firmly remember whether they want to let go; if you do, they can save money. So, unfortunately, you have to argue with them at every step. But it was worth it. If you stick to it, you will almost always get more benefits than they first realized. (Some actually have a policy which has always denied this protection, first find out that most people would say, oh, ok, accept it, so do not want to answer.

My mouth recovers, “said Jorge Lazo, stroke patients.

“I thought he would not survive,” said Jorge girlfriend, Beatrice Rodriguez.

Two blood clot prevents blood and oxygen from flowing to the brain, paralyzing the left side of his body.

This disorder is stroke patient’s life, “said.

hemostatic drugs can not dissolve barriers.

Thirty-nine days before the stroke Jorge, the FDA approved a few. 5 and a half hours after a stroke, doctors with devices for surgical catheter cards. Once in the brain, the network will be covered by the freeze. Then the tube opening and took it.

“Let’s keep frozen because we pulled the device from the body.

Studies have shown that the card is the same as the removal of thrombin twice.

“This program is really fast, an hour can get two blood

When blood flow is restored, something amazing happens.

We, Hao, left function restored. He can walk, thanks, recovery also raised his left arm.

“It usually takes more time for the patient to achieve his goals,” said neurologist and a neurologist at the University of Miami Health System.

This is because cell phone micro blood clot remover, so it is listed in the time gap. Haojue now at home, is an outpatient rehabilitation, to help restore more features.

The doctor told us that he used the card like any other patient, the paralysis is similar to other patients. He said the biggest risk is the device cerebral hemorrhage, but the risk is much lower than similar devices.

These movements are modified by almost all degrees of damage. Lorio also suggests that the movement non-competitive is to enable the participants to learn, understand and appreciate the diversity, personality, and style in a team or individual team, which also help build solidarity, relationships and understand the other team members, and creative; solve problems and create fun. ”


In addition to baseball and football, the magic is also used to play wheelchair basketball. Historically, wheelchair basketball has been one of the most popular sports in the life of paralysis. Lorio explained that the rules be modified to the wonders of childhood, “Every player at least play basketball, basketball bit texel used for more high-quality players, no scoring, and each team will win every game.

Typically, adult wheelchair basketball in the stadium is full size and has a ten-foot loop. Dribbling requires players to show up at least one ball in his two rounds. The rules of wheelchair basketball unique and fouls; However, the nature of the game is still the same.

(If you do not see, see the advertisement remarkable Guinness and let a group of friends play wheelchair basketball together.


Auburn University sports program using RIF Foundation Quality of Life Award 2009 to promote physical activity, healthy lifestyle and competitions for people with disabilities. Dr. Jared explained: “This approach allows people to engage in physical activity to help them develop good habits in an interesting way and to ensure their commitment to the health.

In the case of wheelchair tennis, anyone with obstruction of lower limbs can compete. The only modification rule is that the ball can bounce twice before the need to return. Assembly must first be in court, however, the latter is not necessarily.

Initially, the courts became the main focus of this authorization because “we can begin to use this program,” said Rehm. “I have a lot of experience, this is a personal mobility, so we were not able to complete the project in the first case, hoping this will lead to more opportunities because we participate in more people.” Pen money to help open campus Raising awareness, and provide opportunities for sports for the disabled.

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