Best Treatment of Scurvy Disease


Best Treatment of Scurvy Disease
Best Treatment of Scurvy Disease

Best Treatment of Scurvy Disease

Scurvy is a disease caused by a lack of vitamin C. The disease is characterized by the discharge and swelling of the gingiva, formerly known as the sailor’s disease, because they are flooded in the general event of men, being deprived of a rich nourishing vitamin C.

Because vitamin C is insufficient, this symptom is used to characterize a disease. This vitamin is essential for the binding of collagen in humans and therefore is ascorbic acid, and the mixed name of vitamin C has been called scorbutic from the name of Latin scurvy.


Essentially, necrosis factors contribute to the development of skin spots and further promote the leakage of light guns from the mucous layer, which is also the main side effect of the disease. It has been seen that in some special cases these spots are rich in the thighs and legs.


Other related side effects of bad news together with emotional depression show a pale appearance to the patient’s substance. The patient will also be partially fixed in the case of incisional necrosis, which is cause by open injury and loss of teeth.


Reactionary action and treatment of Scurvy surprising tips


What is Scurvy disease?


Scurvy may bring many physical defects and general emotional discomfort. Have extreme gingivitis and may be drained in the skin. The lack of ascorbic acid corrosion results in many different burrs in the body composition.


Once the patient has thought of these side effects, then he/she will know when to look for treatment.


Scurvy disease side effects


There are many signs of scurvy, which is more important, is:


Indented eyes


Stable and weak




Exquisite gums


White skin


Liver point


Dying inward


Muscular torture


Poor wound healing


Open the old wound


Out of teeth


Torture in the joints


After observing at least one of the previously mentioned side effects, you should consult an expert.


In short, different side effects such as diarrhea, vomiting, failure, and problems with the kidneys and lungs will undoubtedly track previously specified.


There are also a variety of different indications that patients can understand. Some of them are:






Beat the spots on the legs and thighs


Drain the gums


Fractional portability


Weight loss




Fine hair


Physical injury




Swollen gums are elastic and purple in color


Swollen in the legs




Sleep on the eyelids


Lost hunger


Moderate repair wounds




Enhanced joints


Unable to give up weight


Treatment of family remedies


Accompanied family therapy is very attractive in the treatment of scurvy:


Add rich foods containing rich vitamin C to your diet. This vitamin includes lemon, orange, watermelon, grapefruit and green vegetables.


In the diet, including not less than 100 grams of spinach.


Mix 1 teaspoon of powdered mango and 1 cup of water. Drink this


Drink a cup of crisp orange twice a day.


Here are some of the components that you should have in your shameless diet:


Ascorbic acid: commonly known as vitamin C, ascorbate etchant is the basic vitamins require for the human scurvy version. As a cancer prophylactic agent, the supplements are essential for the improvement and substance of healthy bones, veins, tendons, teeth, and gums.


In the development of collagen in the body in addition to the need for ascorbic acid corrosion agent. It is necessary for all body organs to be necessary for building the body of the protein. The diet is rich in ascorbic acid and must include organic products such as citrus natural products, tomatoes, broccoli, green peppers, spinach, potato, and cabbage.


Other Ayurvedic herbal treatments include Pakistani and Indian currant.


Amalaki Rasayan




Amla Tail (a basic oil)




After adjusting the vitamin C to enhance the eating habits and Ayurvedic methods of different courses, Scurvy can effectively prevent you from taking the opportunity.


Scurvy consumes fewer calories


Any malnourished food should contain vitamin C-rich supplements. Citrus organic products such as oranges, kiwi, grapefruit, and current should have been expanding. Your expert can help you make a scurvy program. Because scurvy is incited by lack of diet, it can be completely prevented.


Scurvy’s Vitamin Sensitivity is one of the many causes of this disorder, so you have the opportunity to have a nutrient allergy, consistent with vitamin C. Swallow a lot of scurvy to make a living. Part of the viable to prevent scurvy including citrus products of soil vegetables.


Fruits: These should be the basic part of your eating habits because you need to prevent yourself from suffering from scurvy. Oranges, lime, and lemon are natural products that contain abnormal amounts of vitamin C. Added to natural products containing different kinds of vitamins, they are undoubtedly very useful.


Vitamin B1 or Vitamin B is also very important in terms of vitamin intake and can be found in such vitamins as vegetables and natural grains. The area of natural products rich in vitamins is even more surprising for a homeless diet program.


A decent sound adjusted a comprehensive diet really is the main idea of fighting scurvy. The decent, consistent combination of fragile products for soil, grains, heartbeats, nuts, and seeds is a fundamental necessity. Add these foods, such as vegetable oil, drain, and honey, because all the rich supplements needed.


Scurvy’s description:


Vitamin C is an important supplement to the different abilities of the body, and these creatures need uninterrupted use. Vitamin C daily allowance in normal adults is 90 mg at home and 75 mg for women. If you are not in your daily diet enough to supplement your daily supplements during the supplement, you will eventually experience the side effects of scurvy.


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