The Right Age Begins to Bodybuilding

Right Age Begins to Bodybuilding
The Right Age Begins to Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding perfect times, people of all ages to enhance physical strength, physical health, and physical fitness and bodybuilding. These heavy resistance exercises have produced a lot of pressure on the body to react in different ways in different ways. Changes that affect the body’s response to physical health occur after 18 years of age and 50 years of age. Children and adolescents’ muscles and bones are not fully grown, so fitness may be best postponed to 18 years old. For young people, physical exercise or strength training is lighter and is the safest and most effective when you follow the appropriate form and exercise guidelines for your age group.

The Right Age Begins to Bodybuilding

There are 18-year-old boys with bodybuilding. Is that too young? Like any other problem, both sides have a lot of opinions. Some experts say that the age of 18 is too young to start the weight training program, while other qualified experts do not see any harm at all. What is the pros and cons of each aspect, when does one person start weightlifting?

Many experts say that when the child is age enough to start an organized sport, he or she is old enough to start the “strength training” by doing push-ups, sit-ups and similar exercises under appropriate supervision. For our purposes, I would like to focus on using free weight or machine “weight training” instead of regular fitness courses.

Boys usually start to improve their body’s interest in their adolescent (18-20 years) body. This should not be a surprise when they begin to develop male features, their bodies begin to change and grow, and they become interested in girls. Pre-adolescent boys (puberty) lack of androgen – the body’s natural steroids, such as testosterone or androgen – can trigger and control the development of male characteristics.

Given that the production of natural steroids in adolescent boys has not yet increased, boys who do not enter puberty do not seem to really benefit from weight training because their body lacks the necessary basic components to get lean muscle. However, some studies have shown that even pre-adolescent boys can gain strength through weight/resistance training, which is attributed to the nervous system and motor learning rather than hormones, in other words, they usually get strength, but Muscle growth will be minimal.

Some people say that teenage boys (about 18 years of age) should not have weight training because they think the risk of injury is too high and even lead to developmental delay. I studied this idea and did not find any reliable source to verify it. I have found that research shows that if young people participate in a supervised appropriate weight training program, there will be no risk of developmental delay. In addition, experts point out that the risk of injury to an appropriately supervised weight training program is no worse than the risk of participating in any general sporting activity.

A teenager who is starting a weight training program should not just jump into a drowning adult exercise. Young athletes are still developing the central nervous system, so their coordination and balance will not be as adults as the ability. Therefore, focus on the implementation of the correct form, rather than focus on the maximum weight or number of elevators. Only once the correct form is mastered, should increase the weight or resistance. A good rule of thumb is to underestimate their physical ability, not too high and dangerous damage.

In general, juvenile weightlifters should avoid Olympic weightlifting. Many of which require a lot of skill, if not, may cause the waist or even spinal injury. Interestingly, some experts believe that teens should avoid using free weight machines. They say that because the machine is designed for adults, improper installation – even if only a little bit can cause damage.

Likewise, teen lifts should not be trained five to six days a week, at least not the initial training. American Orthopedic Sports Medicine Association suggested that 18-year-old adolescents should adhere to about 2-3 times a week 20-30 minutes of training. Again, as they master and improve the strength, the length and frequency of training can be improved.

This is my list, the top 20:

1) desktop presses

2) dumbbells pressed, flat and tilted

3) horizontal lift, side arm, front, curved

4) Stiffarm dumbbell pullover

5) cable cross

6) pull down

7) Coordinate pull line

8) Bending rows, single arms, and arms

9) standing barbell curl

10) Dumbbell curl, standing, sitting alternately, tilted

11) triceps pulley push down

12) triceps stretched, lying and overhead

13) dipped in

14) Lieutenant

15) squat down

16) Stretch of the legs

17) Leg curl

18) Raise the leg, sit and stand

19) dead

20) Central, sit-ups and leg lift

The exercises listed above include 90% of the basics, despite having more non-basic actions (thumbs up, pullovers and pressing, squatting) to increase diversity and nuances. In fact, when you consider the grip and body position changes, exercise the body and the implementation of personalized sports slot, there is infinite action.

In the top 20, you can extract six or eight key points to avoid the over guidance time and learning time, so that in the near future exercise into more training time. This will ensure greater muscle and power response and more solid training and muscle building experience.

Adhere to basic exercises, work for larger muscle groups, and be responsible for more comprehensive and more effective muscle growth. Need to exercise repetition to get the maximum movement. Often changing the novelty of practice is frivolous and defeating the purpose of increasing training comprehension and muscle morphology and muscle strength. Isolated secondary exercises are important and are most beneficial in intermediate and advanced training sessions. They come in time later.

Your last representative should be 10 or 12, the feeling is right; almost perfect form and the concentration of the muscles play a role because you realize that “muscle burns” – the lines in the muscles increase with each successive representative, It is a good pain, when tolerated, allows for greater muscle overload and then increases muscle adaptation. Looking for “pump”, full muscle feels, muscle growth immediately during exercise is evident because blood and water are filled with muscle cells in the system support needs.

Sports skills

Continue the top 20 exercises

Each exercise prefix, consisting of a concentrated midline warmer consisting of sit-ups and leg lift, as well as lightweight, stiffened leg movements and hoop lifts. Mixed with moderate strength.

Once we had a few weeks of introductory exercises, we got the feeling of equipment, muscle resistance, and our conditioning level, and we were ready to practice interesting sports combinations and combine the exercises together. My favorite method: super training, which complements each other two or more exercises have been carried out to enhance our output. This group of training not only shortens the exercise time but also greatly improves the productivity.

In the absence of downtime between sets, you will be more involved in training. No time to do daydreaming, hope you are in other places or become boring. In fact, the most promising attitude of training development, we mistakenly believe that the edge of the competition athletes. This attitude of training is a valuable tool of confidence that provides a very real psychological benefit.

I will be alternating between the two training sessions, looking for weekly sessions of four sessions of consistency and commitment to time. Taking into account these benign prerequisites, Monday to Tuesday and Thursday to Friday plan to work well and give you rest and relaxation, balance and order on Wednesdays and weekends.

The pain of the joints leads to lighter dumbbells The mind and body of these things make the lightweight muscle strength (the maximum tension inside the muscle) becomes very heavy and inspires you have never experienced a muscle reaction. On average, due to the heavy weight requirements, the mind numb struggle, you can determine your focus. The lighter weight allows you to create, discover and investigate movement and repeat, move from set to meaningful collections and exercises to the purposeful sport, providing blood vessel demand, pumping and burning and sweating without boundaries.

The high strength of the strong retreat – a generous heart of the hardcore lifts classic love. This is a good addition to an ordinary routine. Give it courage and charm. Do not forget – warm up and keep warm. Plus the protein shake, lots of water. You will behave better, stronger, longer, inspiration from an awesome pump and a high spirit, less chance of injury.

Plan your free weight program with a consistent framework, but a different exercise to the next to adapt to overload, recovery, injury and mood.

Dumbbells are healthier and healthier in many ways than barbells because the hand can be rotated to accommodate the need for excessive use and abuse of the rotator cuff or shoulder strap. Each hand 360-degree direction requires a lot of muscle stability and coordination – more muscle health and growing demand.

Dirty your dumbbells is also a process of building a structure and skill. Do not give them up, do not crack them at the top or crack them. Control them to a good point.

As long as you have a choice, you can use dumbbells. All the rigidity of the bar prevents you from rotating your hand to the right and more fully involved in the specification. Dumbbells offer this advantage. In addition, the unyielding hand position forces the mechanics of such joint devices to remain fixed throughout the movement. The control causes unnatural tracking of tissue and nerves and subsequent shocks. When strength and intensity are applied, the damage will eventually become ugly. Is this a bell or bomber?

Another rarely reviewed dumbbell training benefit is strong cleaning, the weight must be placed in the proper position, and after the movement is completed it is returned to the starting position and returned to the rack. This is called the good old-fashioned work – the bulls work – build the body’s function and the way the muscles and energy are connected static motion can not and can not. Go on.

I like the overall weight of the overall muscle construction because they only need the user’s overall control. The machine is useful when you squeeze life when building muscle and power, especially valuable damage or other restrictions can prevent free weight applications (such as shoulder presses). It has been commented that “the machine will not build muscle” is false and may be based on the fact that muscle movements are isolated and guided, thus requiring less lateral control of the user – limited muscle involvement.

If I do not emphasize the need for heavy duty and density of heavy work, as well as for the large amount of width and sharp taper of late work, I will be a dereliction of duty. According to mood, desire and demand, I alternately carry power and quality between the curved barbell, the dumbbell line, and the sitting rally. I put the wide handle on the front, as the chest and shoulder to Press (superset) auxiliary equipment.

General Nutrition

Good nutrition, such as good training, is very simple – learn basic knowledge and continue to practice. A Little knowledge and more discipline are secret. Diligent application – look forward, do not look back, do not look for shortcuts. absolutely not.

Health and fitness have climbed to the top of the US pop chart, a big business. As you have noticed, every corner has a gym, a diet, and bodybuilder, packed with muscle and burning fat. Competition is fierce, the promise is strange, we are confused, suspicious, and finally numb. We have dozens of ways to diet, to feed themselves, in order to fitness and live a life. Let us clear the air and put some things.

Away from fat, excess salt, and simple sugar. This eliminates 99% of fast food, muffins, and soft drinks. Who needs them? In just a few weeks you will not want them and wonder why you eat them if you do that, feel sick!

Eat a full breakfast of carbohydrates and protein to build your metabolism and provide fuel and muscle building ingredients. Basically, protein builds muscle and carbohydrates for energy supplies fuel. Breakfast can be easily shaken from a high-quality protein to a bowl of oatmeal, a handful of cheese, fruit, and coffee. Remember, if you do not feed yourself in the morning a little healthy food, your body will use your muscle tissue as a source of energy, causing you to fall into depression and muscle defects. Add good vitamins and mineral formulations every morning to arrange effectiveness in body chemistry.

No matter what you do, feed every 3-4 hours a day – every meal plus protein and carbohydrates. Any combination of the following is perfect: tuna/rice, lean meat / roasted potatoes, cheese and fruit, chicken/pasta, etc. (vegetarian – with particular attention to getting enough protein in your diet.)

In simple English, to increase the weight, eat more to eat. Prepare solid weight – lean muscle but slowly. To lose weight, eat less, as usual, consume most of the calories a day.

I have been instinctively inclined to consume higher protein than carbohydrates to build slimming. Although contrary to the public opinion, but I have agreed to many doctors and top bodybuilders. Emphasize the protein

If the snack is really nutritious, you can not eat it – no rubbish! Do not let them replace the food or become a habit. Delicious snacks are fruits or vegetables, low-fat muffins, protein energy sticks, skimmed yogurt, whole wheat donuts, cheese and so on.

Simple carbohydrates (sugar and honey) provide us with a quick pickup, but let us drop quickly. Excessive sugar can cause damage to our insulin metabolism and cause fatigue and fat storage. not good.

Warm up before exercise to eat a small piece of digestible food 30-60 minutes before your training. Using complex carbohydrates in your system, you will work harder, longer and more passionate. You will not experience hypoglycemic jitter or dizziness – you will experience a great muscle pump that may get the final representation. After a long day of work, the protein swings and BCAAs are kings. This is also a good time to add your creatine store.

Likewise, you will need plenty of carbohydrates to eat rich protein foods within 60-90 minutes after exercise is complete. It is necessary to provide muscle building materials to repair the depleted tissue and begin the process of establishing new muscles. Hints – Bomber Mixing Protein Beverages are very helpful. Re-revise creatine levels.

The most important nutrient in your body is pure water. The quality of your organization, their performance and their resistance to resistance absolutely depends on the quality and quantity of water you drink. Flooding all day, especially during the exercise.

Sleep, rest, and relaxation are the most important. During a healthy sleep, our bodies restore and nourish muscle tissue.

Muscle is equal to youth

Have you ever seen two people who are 60 years old, but one of them looks 70 years old and the other looks 45 years old? Age can not be measured separately. Several mature “Aging biomarkers” are used to provide higher accuracy in assessing the age of the body. What did you guess? Your body’s muscle mass is one of the main biomarkers of aging. The more muscle you have, the smaller you are. Another biomarker of aging is bone density. Guess the first way is to increase bone density? Heavy, load-bearing exercise!

Our 40-year-olds can be through rational, effective strength training, greatly slowing down the process of the elderly (and in many cases reversed), thereby increasing muscle mass and bone density. The real good news is that it can be done without a few hours of exercise every week. Reduce body wear, reduce exercise, increase youth! It is great and finally become old wise!

Have a great exercise!

An important indicator

Most of the applicability and intensity training information does not apply to you

Almost all websites, magazines and books on strength training are designed for young people. Before we reach middle age, the potential, hormone level, lean body weight ratio, energy and metabolism reached the peak.

Young students may be able to get rid of our culture to promote the traditional bodybuilder, but we can not. Our relationship with the elderly, and years of neglect or abuse, our impact on the body will not let us experience the strong training of luxury.

I have repeatedly hurt myself and tried to track information that is actually provided for half the age of the person. Therefore, be sure to determine your source before attempting to apply it to your own situation.

Most of the nutritional information does not apply to you

Stop for a moment. At the checkout of the grocery store, the Nutrition and Lifestyle / Fitness Magazine has both weight loss and suitable advice. Their intentions are purchased and read by the vast majority of sedentary, overweight, undernourished, do not participate in sports or strength training activities.

So even if there are some miracles, the information in the magazine is ultimately the real target reader, and more likely not to apply to the intensity of the trainer. A sedentary person’s calories, vitamins, minerals and other dietary requirements are different from those of athletes.

Again, be sure to determine your source before attempting to apply it to your own situation.

Intensity training is an integral part of the shape

Healthy lifestyles are critical to meaningful and ongoing fitness and strength training outcomes. For me, the four basic elements of a solid strength training program are appropriate nutrition, proper hydration, proper rest and proper exercise. If one of them is lacking, the result will be affected.

Strength training is a catalyst that activates other components and makes the entire program work properly. I looked at it like this if I worked for an hour and I wanted to see an hour of results. Would you be satisfied with the 25% result? Or the results of the gym every hour and a half hours?

I do not think so I do not want to waste time or physical resources, only to some extent work. If you want the greatest result, pay attention to your overall lifestyle. But this article is about strength training, so …

Intensity training

My experience proves that strength training is a dynamic process. The weight of your movement and the exercise you use will change year by year, and the principles of safety training and good technology will remain the same.

I used the habit and practice two years ago, with my strength and the overall quality of the change. When I started working for me no longer useful to me. As your body adapts, your training methods must also change.

This year 1: National Health Competition winners

After waking up in the emergency room, I began to learn to read fitness, understanding strength training for the realization of meaningful long-term weight loss, increase lean body weight, improve metabolism and improve physical fitness is essential.

I read muscle magazines, muscle sites, tried a variety of exercise machines, I saw others doing dozens of routines, and entwined my shoulders and elbows, back and knees. (Want to know why in the fitness club members have such a turnover?

Because they did not get the result! There is the only one-time problem until bad training leads to injury or frustration, so most people quit in a few months.

After a few months of struggle, when I applied Ellington Darden’s “LIVING LONGER STRONGER” this great book “LIVING LONGER STRONGER” training recommendations, I finally began to succeed, specifically in the shape of a good middle-aged man The

Exercise is a large multi-joint free weight exercise, squatting, drooping, chin, lying push, shoulder pressure, line, pullover, a group of 12 slow representatives of the failure of the body routine Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The total time for each exercise is 30 minutes.

I have no other aerobic exercise, in strict accordance with my calorie and food quality, drink one gallon of water a day, sleep 8-9 hours a night. During the first 16 weeks of this program, I dropped 35 pounds and began to increase my muscles and filled it in the right place.

This year 2: all-around experience

I last 3 times a week routine. I continued

Plus a pound of muscle and pound to the bar, but I mention the weight of the weight began to tax my joints and restore the ability.

I began to notice that I could no longer progress as before, and calm down, stagnant, can not be fully restored. I am learning too much training.

My body has made a good response to these exercises for months, and I’ve made that progress, but it will not work for me. Did not see any further results, I thought I had to reach my genetic potential, so I stopped the strength training.

I am happy with my body, the shape is very good, the results inspired many friends and relatives of interest. In the next few months, I jogged several times a week, continue to look at calories, drink one gallon of water a day, sleep 8-9 hours a night.

Unfortunately, after months of strength training, it is clear that I did not keep my great shape and healthy health. In that few months, I lost the appearance of the buff muscle, my metabolism slowed down, I started to increase the fat pounds, and I feel the whole about.

Year 3: Switch the traditional branch program

Obviously, I have to resume strength training in the fitness program, so I use the little weight slowly and carefully re-start the body, the same use of the same three times a week training. My strength returned quickly, everything improved for months.

Then I began to realize the overtraining symptoms of recovery. But it does not make sense to me. If I am physically weak, poor physical, then I can train this way, now I can not better deal with this problem?

I looked back at my training log and realized that since I started training, my overall strength has tripled, which means that my body now has to deal with my joints, my rehabilitation system, and my muscles.

To my current strength, three times a week exercise for me too much. I have to modify my training, so I started trying to split the routine. I tried some different divisions, everything had too much practice and made little progress next year.

Due to joint pain or minimal progress, switching routines around every six weeks become necessary.

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