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Vitamins are essential chemicals that help the body to function properly. As an era, it is necessary to increase the intake of vitamins, not only for young skin as well as to ensure good health and strengthen the immune system.
In our two-part pharmacy guidelines for nature, we first list the common fruits, vegetables, herbs, beans and nuts, and the vitamins and minerals they contain. You can then cross-check vitamins and minerals to see what diseases are available.

Vitamin Vitamin A Advantages
It is known that vitamin A has many beneficial properties for All.
• Vitamin A has antioxidant properties
• This vitamin helps to rebuild and strengthen bones, skin, soft tissue, teeth, and mucous membranes
• Eye improvement has improved
• The aging process slows down
• The immune system has been strengthened
Vitamin A-rich fruits and vegetables are:
• spinach
Whole egg
• milk
• Papaya
• Red chili
• kale
• Strengthen the grain
These should be part of a daily or weekly diet.
For men aged 14 and over, the recommended amount is 900 kg per day and 700 kg for women aged 14 and over.
There are plenty of food to provide a rich source of vitamin A. Sweet potatoes, carrots, red peppers, pumpkin, melon, mango, list.
Vitamin A for skin and eyesight
Vitamin A helps protect the cornea of ​the eye. It also helps to improve the dark and different color vision.
Vitamins help the skin by promoting cell growth and wound healing.
Combining Vitamin A with Vitamin A Protein Health Benefits Collagen can add protein and beneficial amino acids to your morning or after the movement of smoothies and milkshakes. You can also use our collagen to make healthy desserts rich in vitamins.
Melon carrot smoothies
1 cup freshly pressed carrot juice
1/2 cup of melon, cubic
1-2 ice cubes
1-2 spoons of raw honey
2 tablespoons of important protein collagen peptide
In the blender, add carrot juice, melon, ice, and honey to mix and mix until the desired consistency. Add collagen peptides and pulses until mixed. It is a good summer morning smoothie, is an important source of protein, vitamin A and amino acids such as glycine and proline.
Vitamin A is as important as other vitamins such as B, C and E. Vitamin A is essential for a well-functioning body. Through this day it is easy to get enough food, just remember to use a variety of foods to balance the diet to achieve full nutrition.
A variety of vitamin side effects
If you have any signs of these allergic reactions, please provide emergency medical help: urticaria; breathing difficulties; your face, lips, tongue or throat swell.
When taken as instructed, multiple vitamins do not cause serious side effects. Less severe side effects may include:
This is not a complete list of side effects, while others may happen. Call your doctor to ask for medical advice on side effects.

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