Vital Vitamins B7 Health Benefits Tips


Vital Vitamins B7 Health Benefits Tips

Also known as biotin, vitamin B7 is a water-soluble B-complex vitamin. Biotin is a coenzyme of carboxylase, involving the synthesis of fatty acids, isoleucine and valine, and gluconeogenesis. Vitamin B7 helps to convert food into energy and helps keep your hair, skin and nail healthy. Cell growth is also essential.

health auth benefits of vitamin B7 include improved metabolism, tissue maintenance, healthy skin, weight loss, relieve heart problems, hair loss, Parkinson’s disease, Rett syndrome and vaginal candidiasis. It also helps to synthesize important ingredients that help maintain blood sugar levels.

Vitamin B7 advantages tips

Vitamin B7 (lacking)

Disadvantages rarely occur. Biotin is widely distributed in food, and our body can synthesize small amounts of bacteria through the gut. However, the substance called avidin is bound to biotin so that it can not be used in our body. Therefore, the high consumption of protein should be avoided.

Lack of symptoms include:






Hair loss


Loss of appetite

Muscle pain


Neurological symptoms


Why is vitamin B7 important?

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center 3, biotin plays a vital role in the following areas:

Help the body to metabolize proteins, fats, and carbohydrates

Help the body process glucose

It also helps healthy nails, skin, and hair. So, in many for skin and hair, cosmetics and health products found. However, it can not be absorbed by hair or skin.

Biotin not only contributes to several metabolic reactions but also contributes to the transfer of carbon dioxide (carbon dioxide).

Vitamin B7 deficiency is very rare. Scientists say that intestinal bacteria are most likely to produce vitamin B7 beyond our daily needs. As a result, government health in most countries does not recommend daily intake. In some cases, if the patient’s biotin metabolism is abnormal, high doses of biotin may be recommended.

All creatures need biotin. However, it can only be synthesized from some plant species, bacteria, algae, mold, and yeast.

Vital Vitamins B7 Health Benefits Tips

Food high vitamin B7

Biotin is widely distributed in foods. Meal sources include:

Beer yeast









Brown rice


Bread, whole wheat

Cheese, cheddar cheese






Organization maintenance

Vitamin B7 contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle tissue and repairs these tissues in any type of injury. It also ensures the normal function of the nervous system and the best growth of the bone marrow.

lose weight

Vitamin B7 helps to reduce body fat and keep weight. Obese people are usually recommended by the doctor, in the daily diet plan contains foods rich in vitamin B7.

Heart problems

Vitamin B7 helps ensure that the heart works from the most critical problems. Help to reduce the body’s cholesterol levels, which is atherosclerosis, heart attack, and stroke the main reason.

Component synthesis

Vitamin B7 is considered a combination of many important components, they play an irreplaceable role in maintaining the best health of the human body. For example, this vitamin helps to treat glucose to extract the right amount of energy. In addition, it contributes to the synthesis of fatty acids and amino acids in the body.

Blood sugar

Vitamin B7 helps to maintain the blood sugar content, which is absolutely good news for people with diabetes. It helps the body regulate insulin, thereby reducing the risk of blood sugar levels, which usually leads to diabetes.


As mentioned above, Biton is the primary catalyst for controlling the energy metabolism of several weeks to get the body to absorb nutrients or minerals. Nutrients can be treated with biotin as fat, protein, and carbohydrates. This process is very necessary for our body because when we carry out daily activities, the need for energy.


Vitamin B7 is an important part of maintaining healthy skin and hair for everyone. Vitamins are also very helpful to your nail’s health. Due to contamination or health damage, biotin helps restore the skin, the color is very shallow. So if someone’s hair loss s or dry skin, then it is likely that they lack vital B7. The following are the same as the ” Nursing network The following are the same as the ” Vitamin B7 is very helpful in the growth and maintenance of muscle tissue and is repaired when it is damaged. Biotin can also ensure that each neural network is consistent with bone marrow growth. The following are the same as the ” Vitamin B7 milk lacks symptoms The following are the same as the ” Vitamin B7 deficiency is characterized by fatigue, depression, muscle pain, hair loss, depression and anemia and other symptoms. In addition, there are other signs of obvious symptoms, loss of appetite, dermatitis and dandruff drying and dandruff. The most severe symptoms include neurological disorders and limited growth of infants.

E, only a very small amount of biotin showed no toxicity. Recommended daily intake Currently, RDI is not suitable for biotin, but the recommended intake is large enough (AI). Baby 0-12 months – 7mcg children 1-3 years old – 8 kg children 4-8 years old – 12 kg children 9-13 years old – 20mcg young people 14-18 years old – 25mcg adults over 18 years old and pregnant women – 30 mcg breast milk Feeding Women – 35 kg Vitamin B7 Deficiency is rare, the symptoms are quite mild and easy to repair. Lack of symptoms is hair loss, dermatitis (eyes, nose, and mouth may appear around red squamous rash) and conjunctivitis. Neurological symptoms may also occur in the form of depression, hallucinations, drowsiness, numbness, and tingling. There is a disease called “biotin deficiency”, whose main feature is the usual fat distribution associated with rash. It is known that protein binds vitamin B7 to prevent its absorption in the intestine. There is also some evidence that smoking may lead to defects. Taking too many dangerous animal studies have shown that high doses of biotin do not have any toxic effects, so humans may tolerate more doses than recommended daily intake. There is no evidence that taking high doses of vitamin B7 has a detrimental effect.

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